If an employee has a common law contract, only the above requirements apply. If an employee has a registered reward or agreement, additional steps are required as outlined in the following sections. According to National Employment Standards (NES), all workers covered by the national industrial relations system, with the exception of casual workers, are entitled to at least four weeks of paid annual leave per year or five weeks for certain shiftworkers[1]. And the annual vacation payment agreement with your employees should include the following: Starting with the first full pay period after July 29, 2016, reward employees have been allowed to receive a portion of their annual leave entitlements as part of the Manufacturing, Repair, 2010 Vehicle Services and Retail, 2010 Private Sector Clerk Award, 2010 Road Transport Distribution Award and others (the Awards). A template agreement for the payment of annual leave can be found in the members area of the MTA SA website, or if you have any further questions about the payment of annual leave, please contact the MTA IR team at (08) 8291 2000 or send us an email by clicking here. Paying for annual leave simply means that you do not take the annual leave, but that you are paid. Now let`s look at our second group of employees – employees without bonuses and company agreements, you need written agreements for these employees. [1] An employee is entitled to an additional week`s leave if he or she is subject to a modern allowance or company agreement and is defined as a shiftworker within the meaning of the NES. Non-premium/no-deal workers are shiftworkers for these purposes if they meet the requirements of section 87(3)-(5) of the Fair Work Act, 2009. Definitely makes the process of paying for vacation and other arrangements easy and fast. Learn more about our payroll options here.

So, what are the rules for an annual vacation payment? There is no obligation to use the Fair Work Board model, but by using this model, the employer meets the requirements of the written agreement award. In addition to all of the above, it is important to note that any agreement must be entered into voluntarily by the employee and that it is strictly forbidden for an employer to exert undue influence or coercion on the employee in order to make him pay. The employer must keep a copy of the written agreement as the employee`s protocol. For more information on the NES, in particular annual leave entitlements, see www.fairwork.gov.au and the Fair Work Ombudsman`s Annual Leave Fact Sheet and national employment standards fact sheet. .

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