Although some vendors of Colocation`s computing centers offer all-inclusive prices, these suppliers are rare. In most cases, the cost of renting a flatshare is only a fraction of the total cost of occupancy. There may be significant additional costs both in advance and on an ongoing basis. (a) Data center: before terminating the agreement, the customer has a non-exclusive license to access the data center to which access to ColoHouse applies as part of its lease agreement or other agreement to occupy the data center. In addition, ColoHouse can adopt rules and procedures to regulate the use and behavior of the data center by customers by publishing the Data Center rules on the ColoHouse website. By accessing the data center, the customer accepts the data center`s rules. The rules of the computational center can be changed at any time by ColoHouse. If a change is made to the data center rules, it takes effect with the publication on the ColoHouse website. ColoHouse is responsible for ensuring that the services needed to support the overall operation of the computing center, such as services. B, the maintenance of environmental protection systems and the maintenance of power plants, are provided for the benefit of the customer. Such a burden is power. Most Colocation establishments charge their customers based on the services they use.

Some institutions simply measure the electricity consumption of data centers and then send an invoice to the customer at the end of the month. However, other institutions distinguish the way electricity is used. A roommate device may indicate. B the total amount of electricity consumption for things like lights and cooling, then spread the costs among customers based on the amount of space each customer rents. In other words, the cost of each customer is proportional to their footprint in the data center. In such cases, the electricity consumption of data center equipment is billed separately on the basis of customers. The overall liability of one of the parties for damages resulting from or related to a service contract (excluding the early termination fees covered in Section 2 (e) above is limited to an amount equal to the amount less than (a) of the total amount of fees payable by the customer during the term of the contract, or (b) to triple the recurring monthly fee for the month immediately preceding the date of the right. NOTMITSTANDING ANY PROVISION TO THE CONTRARY IN THIS AGREEMENT, NEITHER PARTY WILL BE LIABLE TO THE OTHER PARTY FOR ANY SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, INDIRECT, PUNITIVE OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, LOSS OF PROFITS, REVENUE LOST BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES (IF ARISING OUT OF TRANSMISSIONS OR ASSERTS OR ESTABLISHES A FAILURE OF ESSENTIAL ANY PURPOSE LIMITED REMEDY UNDER THIS AGREEMENT. The restriction set out in this section 17 applies to all Customer claims, whether by design, installation, transfer, service, repair or maintenance, by ColoHouse or for other reasons, including infringement, breach of warranty, negligence or strict liability.

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