STEP TWO. Once your participation in the program has been confirmed by the host university (they have sent you an official invitation letter), you must apply for a visa. Please contact the consulate or embassy where you are applying to ensure that you meet all current application and documentation requirements. An Asue is a rotation of credits and savings among a defined group of people with a clear agreement that determines the duration of the duration, the amount of money each person will bring, the order of contributions and the order of payment. Each contribution is a « hand » and each payment is a « draw. » Academic mobility is considered practically essential to integration into the global educational community. SUSU has a number of agreements with foreign universities and some of them should specifically facilitate student exchanges, while others involve exchanges under a broader Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Students from SUSU Academic Mobility Programs study at both universities according to the common curriculum, which means that all academic benefits acquired at the host university are transferred to the home university according to the procedures defined by the host university. The concept of Susu is used worldwide and has more than 200 different names that vary from country to country. Funds are usually raised with a specified amount paid by family or friends each week. [2] It is estimated that three-quarters of Caribbean immigrants to New York participated in susus in the 1980s. [3] A susu or sou-sou or `asue` (also known as a carousel[1]) is a form of savings and credit revolving, a kind of informal sparclub agreement between a small group of people who take turns « throwing their hands » as the partners call it. The name is used in Africa (especially in West Africa) and the Caribbean. The basic principle is that each member of the group makes a standard contribution to a mutual fund once a period.

Then, in each period, the total contributions are paid to a single member of the group. The recipient changes each period in a rotating way, so that all members of the group are finally recipients. There are people without bank accounts and limited ways to save money. It is equally important that there be people whose savings practices benefit from a common commitment. For these reasons, informal community practices in economics and credit renewal continue. A popular option, which originates in Africa and is practiced in the diaspora, has different names. In the Bahamas, where I live, it is called « asue » – several other Caribbean countries call it « susu » or « sou-sou. » Incoming students from Dalian are enrolled in the Russian Foreign Language Program. SUSU has a strong track record of obtaining international students and the university is doing its best to encourage local students to consider the possibility of studying abroad at one of its partner universities as part of their studies. The British NGO Oxfam and its Senegalese partner Mutualité and Development are leading a more advanced form of austerity plans. They do not provide additional resources; Instead, they form small groups of women to start what might better be called small banks.

Traditionally, the agreement is made in cash and interest-free. The organizer of the Sou-sou can be compensated for their efforts as a courtesy.

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