Interested students are invited to discuss their specific transfer interests with the AMU team, the transcript evaluator at the Office of Enrollment Services, the staff board and/or the academic program coordinator. A student who moves from another university or university must apply at least three months before the semester in which he or she wishes to begin his studies. The application must include an indication of the names and addresses of all high schools, post-secondary schools, junior colleges and universities that have been visited in the past. As a general rule, a transfer student should have at least a cumulative average of 2.00 grades to be admitted to the University of Maine at Augusta. UMA`s online delivery options are becoming increasingly popular with students outside of Maine`s public institutions. Special agreements are available with the following institutions: we have had the ease of seeing which universities have transfer contracts with SMCC and which programs are transferred. To explore all the great options at your disposal, visit our transfer agreement search website. The following schools/higher education institutions have agreements with the LMU on the portability of their courses. As a general rule, courses can be transferred to the LMU in three ways: please note that, although there are no flawless transfer agreements for each academic program at SMCC, there are many opportunities to take and transfer credits for your program to a four-year institution.

Students enrolled in regionally accredited institutions can plan for their future at the LMU by following the information contained in the transfer contracts and meeting our requirements and transfer deadlines. Students or schools with questions should contact the Office of Transfer Admission and Enrollment Services at 310.338.5913 or Courses taught by non-accredited training organizations may receive transfer credits if recognized by the American Board of Education (ACE). Courses must have a CEA credit recommendation and be classified as higher or higher. Credits are not granted for professional courses. Applications for transfer credits from foreign institutions must be submitted by requesting a course-by-course evaluation from the Global Education Services ( WES should send the official notice as mentioned above directly to the Application Processing Center. UMA also accepts documents verified by any supplier who is a member of NACES, the National Association of Case Assessment Services (

Start at a community school. Complete your degree at one of Maine`s public universities. It is affordable and the University of Maine System (UMS), in partnership with Community Colleges, provides many useful resources to facilitate the transfer process, including: University of New England President Danielle Ripich said that this agreement to create a path from a community college to a graduate program is a first for one. « The university has already signed agreements with a number of high schools and community universities that are paving the way for a bachelor`s degree. We are very pleased to be able to offer CCMS students a smooth – and potentially economical – path to a PHA from our College of Pharmacy, » she said. Below you will find the approved agreements between the Maine Community College System, the University of Maine and other schools in New England.

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