Pre-contractual negotiations (the evidence of which may be included in recitals) are generally inadmissible as a design instrument in contractual disputes. In English law, there is a presumption (rebuttable) that a written contract contains the entire agreement between the parties (the « exclusion rule »)2. However, pre-contractual negotiations may be permitted to establish facts relevant to the context of the contract3, such as.B. the commercial purpose of the transaction. The information contained in the recitals, which could help a court or arbitrator to determine the context, could therefore be used in a dispute. This is a very important provision that appears in all the treaties. Otherwise, the written agreement could only be considered as proof of the determination of the transaction between the parties. Emails, notes, conversations and anything related to the contract can be used to interpret the agreement. Without this provision, the contract would not be considered as complete documentation of the activity – only part of this documentation. Ensure that this provision lists any document that is part of this Agreement.

If a cirquit diagram, subscription, project, specification or other additional declaration is necessary to understand the contract, reference must be made to this document and included in the agreement. Otherwise, the other documents shall not be considered to form part of this Treaty under this paragraph. When it comes to precision and selectivity, the person drafting the agreement should do their best to focus on the provisions that are most important and reflect them in a language that can easily be translated as non-binding. For example, a non-binding memorandum of understanding states that the parties to the agreement « intend » to do something and avoid explicitly stating that they « agree » with anything. In addition, the Memorandum of Understanding may cover additional provisions which will not be drawn up or inserted until final agreements have been concluded. Neither party shall have the right to assign any obligations or obligations incumbent upon it under this Agreement without the prior written consent of the other Party or to assign it to subcontractors whose consent cannot be inappropriately withheld or delayed. Recitals are not mandatory, but are often incorporated into trade agreements to reflect the context of the Treaty. There is no mandatory format for the drafting of recitals, but they usually contain concise factual statements describing the main circumstances and details relevant to the explanatory memorandum to the Treaty. Declarations of intent and references to related contracts may also be included. .

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