This agreement was concluded on Monday, December 7, 2020. This Agreement is subject to the product; Costs of sale, delivery and method of payment, the information relating to the product are as follows: This distance contract (hereinafter referred to as the contract), the following attributes and selling price of the product, which is fixed – Law 4077 on Consumer Protection and Distance Contracts in accordance with the provisions of the rules for identifying the rights and obligations of the parties. 4.9. This contract is valid after the box « I have read the agreement, I accept the terms » has been marked by the buyer. The information that the buyer provides to the seller to make the payment with the information indicated in this agreement is not communicated by the seller to third parties. There is some very specific information you need to give to consumers, including your business address, prices, complaint handling policies, and right of withdrawal. It should be clear, readable and understandable and adapted to the way you sell remotely. This information must be provided before entering into a contract with the customer. If you do not provide certain parts of this information, the consumer does not have to pay.

The sale of goods, services and digital content without personal contact with the customer – for example, online, mail order or telephone sales, type and type of product / product, quantity, make / model, selling price, payment method, supplier, delivery address, billing information, shipping costs are indicated below. The person to be invoiced and the person subcontracting the contract must be identical. The information it contains must be accurate and complete. Buyer agrees to fully cover damages resulting from inaccurate or incomplete information in such information, and Buyer also assumes any liability arising from such situation. 4.2. The BUYER agrees to have knowledge by reading the basic specifications of the product, the sale price and the terms of payment and by giving confirmation in an electronic environment. The buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract within seven days from the date on which he accepts the delivery of the product, without justification or payment of penalty fees. Therefore, the return procedures provided for by the Tax Procedures Act No. 385, the buyer must send a 2-page copy of the invoice of the product after filling in and signing the empty place at the bottom of the product for returns. The right of withdrawal begins from the date on which the goods are delivered to the buyer. The return costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

The buyer does not have the right of withdrawal if the orders have been specially prepared according to the personal needs or wishes of the buyer. After the return with the product and the invoice, the seller is contacted; All payments are refunded, documents that are a responsibility for the buyer will be returned within a maximum of ten days and the contract will be canceled. A possible depreciation of the returned product does not constitute an obstacle to the use of the right of withdrawal. However, if the loss of value is due to fault on the part of the buyer, he is obliged to replace the loss to the seller. For products that have purchased by mistake, the general return period is also seven days. during this period; When the product package is opened, used or damaged products are not accepted as a return and the price is not refundable. for products that have accidentally purchased; if the packaging of the product is opened, used or broken or damaged, etc., and if a product is not in the same condition and the original packaging in which it was previously received is not accepted as a return and the price is not refunded. For the return of the product, it is necessary to first inform the after-sales service. The information relating to the shipment of the returned product is transmitted to the customer by the seller. Then, once other procedures mentioned above have been completed, the delivery of the returned product must be made with the same freight company that the seller sent the product….

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